Home automation refers to a set of techniques aimed at automating a home, which integrate the technology in security, energetic management, wellness or communications systems

Our company offers a system integration service giving the client the possibility of turning their environment into an automated environment until they call it a smart home. In this area the technical diagrams of communication between all the equipment that make up the systems and that will be controlled by the user


Channeling and wiring

We use high quality material that provides safety the installation, in addition to running it, it is perfectly trained by their work. etc


We carry out engineering design, diagrams, specifications and / or details to ensure optimal execution of the draft. etc

Structured cabling

When using specialized oxygen-free audio cable, UTP Cat 6 cable and optical fiber establishes a telecommunications infrastructure in your residence or building, obtaining great savings in material and ease of operation. etc

Programming and fine tunning

Knowing the needs of our clients, we carry out the integration and programming of all devices in the system guaranteed in a communication between them. etc

Installation of equipment

The Gtres installer aims to install, configure and fine-tune each of the technological systems according to plans and diagrams, complying with national and international quality and safety norms and standards. etc

Insurance policy

Preventive maintenance which consists of physical inspection of the equipment, cleaning of the same, fault diagnosis in Hardware and Software and necessary updates. etc